Friday, May 13, 2011

All by Myself

So I had been working on a rather convoluted post about Jose Bautista's awesomeness and how Corey Patterson is my personal Britney Spears (don't ask) but then Blogger stopped working for a couple of days and upon stopping for a moment to reconsider the nonsensical drivel I had written I decided it simply wasn't worth my time. The gist of the post can be summed up as follows:
Corey Patterson Splits:
Batting #1401100000100.250.250.500.750
Batting #294112471216302243.255.278.415.693

Jose Bautista Splits:

None On608203188140900.333.459.8171.276
Runners On402115303121911040.375.583.6751.258

Jose Bautista has 11 HRs and 20 RBIs. Put another way, he has driven himself in a total of 11 times, and the other 8 players in the lineup on any given day a total of 9 times. That's an HR/RBI ratio of 1.82, or slightly less production per homer than Barry Bonds' 2001 season (73 HR & 137 RBI, a ratio of 1.88). And as much as these ever-more-frequent Bondsian comparisons make my skin quiver, does this not make a compelling case that Corey Patterson's .293 career OBP should be buried somewhere far, far behind Bautista? (Even if, sadly, based on 2011 numbers alone, there are no obviously superior candidates.)


  1. what i'd be interested in seeing is how many of Bautista's homeruns this year have been solo shots... imagine how many rbi's he'd be able to get if we actually had guys other than Bautista himself who could consistently get on base.

  2. just realised it does show that... any idea how many homers last year were hit by Bautista with none on base?